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Sugar can be produced from sugarcane or sugar beet. The process of extraction from each of the basic raw materials differs substantially and more so, a suitable process of clarification to suit the quality of raw material such as double carbonation/double supplication/ defecation is adopted. The crystallization and centrifuging process practically remains the same for both the raw materials.

Moon Sun has acquired the know how to cater to all the processes and has matched process and capacity for many factories which have been planned, designed and erected by it.

Location & Strength

oday as an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certified concern , Moon Sun undertakes its production activies Located 70 km from Meerut, Distt � Bijnor Utter Pradesh and spread into multi self sufficient manufacturing units. Moon Sun comprises of a dedicated and talented team of skilled professionals.

The company undertakes sugar projects from small to medium scale capacities as mentioned below :

1 Open pan boiling sugar plants From 100TCD to 500TCD
2 Vacuum & pressure boiler boiling plants From 300TCD to 1500TCD
3 Turbine based power houses (power cogeneration) From 300TCD to 1500TCD
TCD: Tons of sugarcane crushing per day


Expansion of capacity or modernization of existing plants is also undertaken. Sugar machinery and spares to many plants all over the country have been successfully supplied. The range of supply includes a variety of machinery such as,

  • Complete Sugar Plants
  • Cane Unloading, Cane Cutters, Bagasse Handling and Transfer
  • Juice and Molasses Storage Tanks
  • Sugarcane Milling Tandems
  • Sugar Centrifugals
  • Vacuum pans, Evaporators, Juice Heaters
  • Filter Presses
  • Carbonation and Supplication Equipment
  • Crystallizers, Sugar Dryers, Sugar Graders

In addition to the basic process machinery the company also offers co-generation plants including special purpose industrial boilers and steam generating turbines as well as water treatment plants of different designs and capacities. These are outsourced from reputed and well established businesses.

Turnkey Project Supply

In addition to its equipment supply Moon Sun is also a turnkey project undertaker, a complete solution provider with specialization in the field of supplying small to medium scale jiggery plants and plants. System solutions and supply of a semi automatic jiggery plants and solid jiggery also offered under the same ---. Moon Sun undertakes activities relating to pre-feasibility study, system & design engineering, equipment manufacturing, sub-contracting and supply, erection & commissioning of supplied plant & Equipment, post commissioning services such as training & perational management etc. Thereby offering a total solution to our valued customer.

 Product Range

Sugar Plant Sugar Plant Sugar Plant Sugar Plant Sugar Plant Sugar Plant Sugar Plant Sugar Plant Sugar Plant Sugar Plant Sugar Plant Sugar Plant

Design Engineering

Technical competence results from the talents, knowledge and training of abundant human resources. Moon Sun therefore utilizes experienced and well trained engineers in order to maximize expertise. Personnel from one of the best educational institutes hold the key positions.

To match competitive Requirements of the international markets latest upgradations and equipment advancements are incorporated in the designs. A close watch on the international advancements is kept so as to be in tune with the absolute latest.Special computerized design software, with newest versions, such as SOLIDWORKS and AUTOCAD are used for all drawings including equipment drawings, general arrangements and layouts, civil drawings, process flow sheets etc.

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